PEOPLE WITH THE FOLLOWING SKILLS ARE CURRENTLY NEEDED WITHIN THE EMPIRE: Teachers & Educators (all levels, various subjects), Web Developers, Computer Graphics Artists, Software Developers - To apply you must first be a citizen. To become a citizen click here. Once accepted as a citizen you will then be able to apply for positions from within your citizen portal.

    The Terran Empire was established in 2015 and is a micronation that, like many other micronations, seeks to establish real world sovereignty. As such we are catagorized as a new country project. We have established definitive plans of action through the Genesis and Exodus Projects to accomplish our goals.

    We are currently a community of like minded individuals. We are also a developing nation. As our culture develops our national culture becomes more clearly defined. Our ultimate goal is sovereign statehood and an established homeland for our people. It will be from this point that we can begin the process of unification of the people of Earth as one people. Once the obstacles that have been dividing us for millennia have been removed there will be no limit to what we may accomplish.

    We are doing this because we believe people are suffering unnecessarily due to financial and systemic corruption and inefficiency. We believe we can provide a better quality and way of life for our people through addressing the systemic failures and corruption by establishing internal processes that will eliminate them within our own systems and society.

    Our plan for the world is ambitious; it involves nothing less than the complete transformation of society. Our desire is to end poverty, hunger, homelessness and suffering for people through our projects. We seek the unification of all people of Earth as one people. We promote the common good, the protection of our planet and its responsible stewardship, and the advancement of science and technology in support of these goals.

    It is suggested that you somehow obtain the following books for your personal library. Many of the concepts discussed in these books will be utilized in our projects: