Created: 30 March 2019 - Updated: 30 March 2019


We are the Terran Empire and we welcome you to join us. We are all one people upon one world and we have been divided as a people for far too long. We believe that, uniting as one people and working together toward common goals, without division, we can put an end to inequality, poverty, and war. We can build a better world for the people of this planet. There is a better way!

Join the Empire now and we will work together to build a better world for all people of Earth. Together we can end poverty and suffering. To begin the process is easy. If you are an individual, simply join the Empire through our join form here. If you are a government on any level, from nation to municipality, or if you are an organization of any type, simply appoint a representative from your government or organization to make contact with us so that we might start working together.

Through the addition of your knowledge and resources you become one with us and we grow. And, as we grow, you reap the benefits of all new knowledge and resources added to us through our growth, uniting as one with others. It is through this merging and unification that we put an end to division, conflict, strife, and inequality.

JOIN US TODAY! Do your part to unify the people of the world and to make our planet a worldwide paradise!